Serafino - By Amy Court and Joey Daigneault

Some early morning, some September
Will you be watching, will you know?
The day I take my troubles up to Sunset
And one by one -- just let them go

For now I’ll cross my heart, and cross my fingers
And move cross another day
I’m gonna take as much as I can handle
And give as much as I can take

And that’s all it is…

Oh Serafino
Tell me, what’s it gonna be
A hundred prayers I don’t know
Come back to me, come back to me

You know I’m so unraveled at the edges
Recalling tears, forgetting seams
But whether all for naught, or just not for all
For you, I’ll hold out hope in everything

And that’s all it is…
As simple as it is…


And after all this time
There’s just more of me at stake
Won’t you take me in before I break